Turn on the Light

Little Dog Barking Theatre

Don’t be afraid! There’s a magical and imaginative journey waiting for you when the lights go out.

Meet Kenny. Kenny is the caregiver for Tim. It’s bed time, but Tim is convinced there is a monster lurking under his bed. Kenny tells him there are no such things as monsters, but Tim is not convinced and continues to search. In an attempt to get Tim to sleep, Kenny lends a hand, only to find the cat hiding under the bed. Once the lights go out, this creature of the night joins some friends to teach Tim that there is nothing to be afraid of in the dark.

Telling the tale of one little boy’s fear of the dark, this stunning show is full of original music, songs, actions and puppet characters who weave a story to help Tim overcome his fears. Turn on the Light, performed solo by long-time actor and puppeteer Kenny King, is a wonderful introduction to theatre for young audiences and a great learning experience in bravery.

Written by Peter Wilson and Kenny King
Music by Liam Reid
Puppets by Sharon Johnstone

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Sat 22 Feb, 10am

Sat 22 Feb, 12pm

Sun 23 Feb, 10am

Sun 23 Feb, 12pm


$16 General Admission

$13 Concession


Harkness Henry’s Emporium of Scintillating Wonders

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