The Three Brothers

The Sixpence Players

An enchantment, a quest, and three potential heroes…

Brothers Sebastian, Tom and Fredrick have left their home to seek their fortunes, like many heroes before them. On their travels they stumble upon the city of Hamilton, where the people have fallen under a sleeping enchantment. Determined to find a cure, the brothers set off for the mysterious Urewera, unaware of all that lies before them.

Will they fail in their quest, when faced with danger and rivalry between them? Or will they save the people of Hamilton, and learn the importance of simple acts of kindness?

The Three Brothers is a tale for the whole family that combines a few familiar places with imagination, adventure, and just a dash of magic!

Seating provided.

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Sat 22 Feb, 11am

Sat 22 Feb, 2pm

Sun 23 Feb, 2pm


$16 General Admission

$13 Concession


Medici Court

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