Tattletale Saints

Tattletale Saints

Perfectly intertwined vocals and masterful musicianship.

Originally from Auckland, 2014 Tui Award winners Tattletale Saints now live in Music City USA, Nashville, Tennessee. With the 2020 release of their third full length album, vocalist/guitarist Cy Winstanley and vocalist/bassist Vanessa McGowan celebrate choosing a tough path, and conquering seemingly insurmountable obstacles to chase a dream.

With thoughtful and minimal production, their third release showcases the duo’s perfectly intertwined harmony vocals and Winstanley’s clever yet emotional songwriting. Their musicianship, while always masterful, feels relaxed on this offering, as though they no longer have to prove themselves.

It is clear that Winstanley and McGowan have spent years working towards the creation of music that is organic, honest and effervescent, and with Dancing Under the Dogwoods, Tattletale Saints truly are here at last.

Join us and experience this incredible evolution for yourself.

“Tattletale Saints have only gotten better with age…the band proved that you don’t have to be quirky or gimmicky to hold an audience’s attention…good songs, singing and playing will do the trick.” – 13th Floor

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Friday 21 Feb, 8.30pm


$32 General Admission

$29 Concession


Harkness Henry’s Emporium of Scintillating Wonders

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