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Pitching a

LOUD Creative

Their issues aren’t what you think they are, and they have nothing to do with pitching a tent.


Wednesday 27 Feb, 7pm

Thursday 28 Feb, 7pm

Friday 1 Mar, 7pm


Rogers Rose Garden


$25 General Admission

$20 Concession

*Booking fees apply

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Four old friends with different backgrounds, different personalities, and very different views on how to handle the world, take on a weekend of camping in the great Kiwi outdoors.

As the group searches for meaning behind the absence of one of their own (among other things!) we find out that they each have issues. But they’re not what we think they are; and they have nothing to do with pitching a tent. An inclusive comedy designed with access in mind.

Devised by Mel Martin, Sharan Singh, Nicholas Bourchier and Jono Freebaim, and directed by Kate Booker.


Noticing a major gap in accessible arts in New Zealand and inspired by international arts access organisations, LOUD was formed with the intention of being the change it wants to see in the world. In 2019, there should be no such thing as accessibility issues, and LOUD has quickly made a reputation for being leaders in making this happen.

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