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The Pacific Crystal Palace spiegeltent provides an all-weather venue for a number of acts.

Situated on Governors’ Lawn just beyond Rogers Rose Garden, the Hamilton Gardens Arts Festival team are thrilled to have secured the Pacific Crystal Palace. Based on the Belgium designed Spiegeltent of the 19th century, the Pacific Crystal Palace is a 300 seat performance space that feels like a permanent venue. With a circular wooden interior, and decorated with iconic New Zealand emblems such as ax featuring in the stained glass windows, ferns on the mirrors, and paua carved into the pillars, the Palace will transport you to another time.

This all-weather venue will house a selection of local, national and international acts including Trash Test Dummies, Mundy, Helter Skelter, Paper Shapers, The Sound of Their Music, Le Vie Dans Une Marionette, Don Juan and Perhaps Hope.

For easiest access to the Crystal Pacific Palace, enter via Gate 2.


An outdoor lounge and an ideal meeting spot to mix and mingle with friends while listening to live music

Situated at the entrance to the Pacific Crystal Palace, the Palace Garden will be your preferred meeting spot to catch up with friends, and to mingle and relax. The Palace Garden will feature food, drinks, seating, and live music in an outdoor lounge environment. Tron Music Trust will be showcasing the top local singer-songwriter talent from their successful mentoree programme on the stage.

Open for visitors anytime the Palace Garden will be an ideal hangout prior to any of the performances held inside the Pacific Crystal Palace spiegeltent.

There will be free entry to this all new outdoor lounge, so plan to arrive early in order to secure your spot.